"Support Act on Children with Medical Care and Their Families" Passed and will Promote Inclusive Education

     On June 11, the Diet adopted the "Support Act on Children with Medical Care and Their Families". It will enact at this September. The Support Act stipulates that local government should post medical staff to nursery, kindergarten, and schools if the children need medical care. Each prefecture should set up Support Center where children who need medical care and their families can consult daily problems. This Act is to diminish the burden for families who have children with medical care and prevent parents from losing their jobs. In Japan,  it's said that 20,000 children need medical care.

医療的ケア児支援法成立 インクルーシブ教育の推進に寄与

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共同通信、2021年6月11日、「『医療的ケア児』への支援法成立 保育所、学校に看護師配置」。https://nordot.app/775996497908023296

認定NPO法人フローレンス、2021年6月11日、「『医療的ケア児支援法』が可決 全国医療的ケア児者支援協議会が提言活動を行ってきた医療的ケア児支援が自治体の責務に」。https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000199.000028029.html